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The activity in the metal-mechanical industry begins in 1951 when the first workshop was opened by Mr. Nicolás Torres Mendiluce in Alfaro (La Rioja, Spain). After some time, their four children joined up to the activity: David, Amadeo, Nicolás and Gregorio (wich initials make the acronym DANG).


At the beginning the activity was the production and maintenance of farming and ceramic tools in the town. Afterwards the zone of influence was broadened to the whole provinces of La Rioja, Navarre and Saragossa

Considering the good acceptance of the products and qualities, the zone of influence was broadened again, this time to the whole country. This fact make necessary an expansion of the factory in 1969. 


With the incorporation of new products (kiln burners, generators, etc) a new expansion of the factory was necessary, consequently 3.000m┬▓ of new industrial units were built in 1985. At present those industrial units are the company central office.

We started to personalize the standard extruders depending on the customer needs making use of the knowledge gained with the purpose of solve the extrusion problems. The continuous improvement in the extrusion dies production , the use and combination of the hardest materials and the most professional service have contributed to an expansion allowing our products to work all over the world.

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Carretera Zaragoza, 124
26540 Alfaro (La Rioja)

+34 941 180 249

+34 941 182 200


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